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Welcome to ESBAMBOO – the home of Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Toothbrushes



Esbamboo toothbrushes handles are made of Moso bamboo which is naturally resistant to bacteria – very important when it comes to our oral hygiene.
We also use it for our handles because it grows quickly, naturally and is renewable. It is also a very hardy material. All vital ingredients when it comes to creating environmentally friendly bamboo toothbrushes. Learn More

And the great news is that pandas prefer to eat Arrow bamboo, so we are not harming their habitat either. A truly Eco-friendly toothbrush!

Moso, grown mainly in China and Asia is a renewable resource and is fast becoming a popular alternative to hard woods and plastic. It reaches its final grown length of up to 20 metres within a couple of months. The plant has several poles with each mother plant having new shoots every year. Approximately 20-25% of the poles in a sustainable bamboo forest can be harvested every year with no deforestation effect. It is very hardy and requires little to no pesticides or fertiliser to grow.